Why Choose Us

We work hard to make sure you don’t have to!  Fun Services provides all the tools and resources your group will need to run a successful program. We provide all your promotional materials, supply you with plenty of gifts and even restock your school when you run low and need more.  Explore our website to learn more about how our program works and watch a FUN video to see a Holiday Gift Shop / Santa’s Secret Shop in action.

With our schools' help, were were able to donate over $140,000 worth of toys in 2019! Locally, we donated more than 1,200 toys here in North Carolina!!

When you partner with Fun Services, your school will receive items designated as a Toys For Tots items.  When a student purchases one of those toys, Fun Services will donate one of those toys (or a similar toy) to Toys For Tots.  Your school can help us Spread Joy this holiday season by partnering with us.

We will also provide you with
die-cuts that your school can use to promote the growing donations, and encourage other students to help Spread the Joy this season!